Symfoniorkestern Pro Musica

Symfoniorkestern Pro Musica

Foto: Gunnar Wesley

Symfoniorkestern Pro Musicas Repschema

Symfoniorkestern Pro Musica repeterar som regel varje torsdag (som även är vardag) 19.00 - 21.30 i KFUM Centrals lokal "Lilla Hallen" med adress "Lilla Hallen" Rosengatan 1 i Stockholm. Närmaste hållplats med lokaltrafiken är T-Rådmansgatan. KFUM Centrals café stänger exakt 20.30. Fikat bör därför påbörjas senast 20.15.


NuSe till att betala in medlemsavgift till Symfoniorkestern Pro Musica.

Medlemsavgiften för 2019 är 800:-. Ungdom (medlem född 1993 eller senare) samt student betalar 400:-. Passiv medlem (som fått godkänt till att vara detta av styrelsen) betalar 100:-. Avgiften betalas in senast fredagen den 3 maj 2019 till Symfoniorkestern Pro Musicas plusgiro 409557-6 eller genom Swish till 070-732 74 06.
Lördag 29 juni
17.45 - 21.30
Lilla HallenExtra stråk-rep Brahms Requiem.

Hey everybody!

Writing this is English for clarity.

This week on Saturday 29 we are organizing a FULL string section rehearsal from 17:45-21:30 including a break. This does indeed include Vn1, Vn2, Viola, Cello AND Contrabass. This will be our only chance for full string rehearsal, so please make sure to come 🙂

Location is same as normal rehearsal: Lilla Hallen @ KFUM

Afterwards we will go out to a nearby bar for those interested 🍺🍻

Please let your section leaders/contact person know if you CANNOT come!
(Contrabass players you can send me a mail if you are are attending or not attending)

I, Viktor Granstrom (Vn2), will be leading the rehearsal.


17:30 - We have access to Lilla Hallen (As KFUM is closed, please enter via Kom Hotel Reception (you will then walk through the gym), locate in same building, or have somebody open the door via the main entrance). I will be there from 17:30 sine I have the key. Make sure to come between 17:30 - 17:45

17:50 - Tuning

18:00 - Rehearsal Start

19:30 ish - 20 minute Break (Note: KFUM is Closed which means no cafe open, you can buy at pressbyrån. Also make sure to not let other people inside)

20:00 - Rehearsal

21:15 (ish) Clean-up (have to be out by 21:30)


21:35 Wait outside KFUM until 21:35 for those who want to go to nearby bar together

We will officially finish by 23:00 (late night drinking is allowed) 🙂


Looking especially to practice these parts

2nd Movement, Measure 75-123 (C), Etwas bewegter
3rd Movement. Measure 93-104
3rd Movement. Measure 173- (Fugue)
2nd Movement.
6th Movement. Measure 208-, Allegro
6th Movement. Measure 75-
(If we have time) 4th Movement Playthrough
(If we have time) 5th Movement Playthrough
(If we have time) 7th Movement

And of course among more places, and various other places along the way where it it is necessary for context etc. Make sure to especially work on intonation on (1.) and in 2nd Movement before the rehearsal. Note: Rehearsal Order will not be the same as above, I will be working us backwards from the 6th Movement.

If you have suggestions or comments you would like to make, please refer to your section leader or myself (preferably BEFORE the rehearsal)

For comments during rehearsal, we will have opportunities for smaller discussions but try and refer to your section leader before or during the break. Note: this is NOT a rehearsal made to change or adapt bowings unless it is a MUST, it will be less than a week before the concert so please have the bowings set in stone in advance.


If you have any questions email me or give me a call. Looking forward to see you all, and It will be fun to have all the strings together and practice 😄

Best Regards,
Måndag 1 juli
18.00 - 21.30
Stora Hallen
Ingång via Lilla Hallen
18.00 - 19.00 Cello stämrep Brahms Requiem.
19.00 - 21.30 Rep Brahms Requiem. Dirigent Niclas Blixt.
Torsdag 4 juliStockholms KonserthusBrahms - Ein Deutsches Requiem med Berkeley Community Chorus från Kalifornien - USA.

Berkeley Community Chorus från Kalifornien har hyrt Konserthuset den 4 juli och vill framföra Brahms Requiem med oss.

Brahms Requiem: 3 (picc)223 (kontrafag) 4231 1 harpa stråk

Konserthuset är bokat 12:00 – 22:00

13.00 – 15:00 Orchestra only rehearsal with Ming Luke

15:00 – 17:00 Orchestra + Chorus rehearsal


18:30 Doors open

19:00 – 20:30 (approx) Concert

Following the concert, opportunity for social time.
Torsdag 29 augusti
19.00 - 21.30
Lilla HallenRepstart höstterminen. Dirigent Niclas Blixt.
Lördag/Söndag 7 - 8 septemberOlika lokaler KFUM CentralSymfoniorkestern Pro Musicas Orkesterakademi:
Professionell coaching av olika instrumentgrupper.
Lördag 21 september
13.00 - 16.30
Estrad SödertäljeRep: Mussorgskij - Tavlor på en utställning. Dirigent Niclas Blixt.
Lördag 5 oktoberEstrad SödertäljeGenrep: Mussorgskij - Tavlor på en utställning. Dirigent Niclas Blixt.
Söndag 6 oktoberEstrad SödertäljeKonsert: Mussorgskij - Tavlor på en utställning. Dirigent Niclas Blixt.